Ed Elswick

Roanoke County citizens endorse Ed Elswick for Windsor Hills Supervisor. If you would like to add your name to the growing number of people who have endorsed Ed, please send your endorsement email to: electelswick@cox.net.

"I fully support Ed Elswick because I know he cares about and always has the best interests of the citizens in mind with any decision he makes. He responds quickly to all residents and will protect our interests and property while being frugal with our money. If you want someone who will really represent you, he is the one to vote for on November 5, 2013."
--Jim Gray, Oak Grove

"Ed Elswick is our last opportunity to re-elect a "Statesman-Style" representative of the people on our local level. He will always be available and open to your ideas."
--Eldon Karr, Bent Mountain

"Most of us are tired of negative ads, half truths, biased columnists, politically motivated statements and votes, special interest and "Go along to Get along" representation.

What a refreshing difference and opportunity to be able to VOTE FOR and Support Ed Elswick for Roanoke County Board of Supervisors as he actually puts "Principles before Politics" in practice and seeks broad citizen input ---More importantly even when I don't agree with his position "he listens" to what I have to say."
--Bruce Prillaman, Poages Mill

"Ed Elswick is like an adopted grandfather to us, the young people on the mountain. We are like kin here. He really cares about the young and listens to our ideas."
--Hunter Smith, Bent Mountain

"There is none other than Ed Elswick who is better suited to represent the citizens of the Windsor Hills District. Ed is thoughtful, responsive, and takes action in the interest of his constituents at a time when the concerns of ordinary people fall on the deaf ears of local governments."
--Tammy Belinsky, Copper Hill

"Ed Elswick has my vote because he respects our community and works toward local growth decisions that will be assets, not detriments. He seeks to conserve our mountainous beauty which has been an inspiration to generations of Roanokers, and generations to come."
--Bonnie Johnson, Windsor Hills

"Regardless of political persuasion or party affiliation, I have found Ed Elswick to be an individual who is adamant about placing citizens' rights and interests over and above other stakeholders in Roanoke County. The record will show that Ed Elswick insists on the protection and preservation of the private individual in a consistent manner.

In observing his position on a variety of issues now, I am convinced Ed Elswick believes a community can prosper, advance, and experience progress, without compromising a private individual's reasonable assurance of quality living without excessive intrusion or overstepping boundaries by his or her governing body.

Such an approach to governance is not always the case with members of the board of supervisors; although I remain one citizen who sees it as essential."
--Thomas H. Field
President & Creative Director
Berryfield, Inc.
Publisher/Creative Director
Valley Business FRONT magazine

"Ed isn't interested in politics for politics sake. He's not looking to run for higher office or make favorable impressions on a political party by being a good foot-soldier and supporting a party platform. Ed serves Windsor Hills from a fiscally conservative position, guarding taxpayer money as he does his own. His small-government mindset goes hand in hand with protecting citizens' rights and freedoms. Windsor Hills has no better friend than Ed Elswick."
--Ben Pearman, Poages Mill

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