Ed Elswick

If reelected, I intend to:

  • Conduct a valid survey of citizens in order to serve you better.
  • Support Roanoke County Schools.
  • Examine current ordinances to determine if they are unnecessarily burdensome for citizens or businesses.
  • Support the use of General Obligation Bonds with a public vote in order to allow citizen approval of major expenditures.
  • Work with County administration and Board Members to prioritize expenditures and reduce those that go beyond basic services.
  • Streamline government as much as possible.
  • Object to state and federal overreach and unfunded mandates.
  • Listen to and respond to citizens.
  • Encourage civic leagues and neighborhood associations' participation in government.
  • Encourage volunteerism by emphasizing current groups and asking others to get involved.
  • Pursue ways to promote an environment that encourages the growth of new businesses and appreciation of our current employers.

Email me at electelswick@cox.net with your concerns.

Press Release: Ed Elswick, November 5, 2013


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Recent articles written about Ed Elswick as he runs for reelection in the Windsor Hills District follow.

According to "Supervisor Ed Elswick Speaks at Citizen Forum" in The Roanoke Star from August 8, 2013:

"[Ed Elswick] is working on growing tourism with hopes in the future to lower the tax rate while the tax revenue increases with new business. [Ed] says he is pro-business, pro-tourism, a fiscal conservative and frugal in all money matters.

[Ed] wants to see more civic leagues formed in the neighborhoods so people can keep in touch with the Board. He wants to turn Explore Park into a tourist attraction using little tax dollars and more volunteers."

For additional information, you may read the complete article at:

In another article entitled "Guest Interview" featuring Ed Elswick by Tom Fields in the September 2013 issue of the Valley Business FRONT Magazine, the author states:

"[Ed Elswick] talks more about hands off policies and assurances for all individual citizens than anything else. 'Our job is not to control citizens,' Ed says, 'but to serve citizens.'"

A status update on the Property Rights Resolution is available. Click here to read.

Background Information Concerning the Property Rights Resolution.

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